Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Winner of the Back 2 School Giveaway is..........


 First I want to thank everyone who decided to join the first "Back To School!" giveaway. I hope to this again next year.So I decided to let my random generator pick the winner. Just as a reminder the winner will receive a Crayola Back to School Bundle Box up to 2 sets per family.
Crayola Third through Fifth Grade Supply Pack

Drum Roll please! And the 1st place winner is.....

"My little sister is 4 years old. She was super enthusiastic about going to school cause she watches a lot of tv and learns a lot about other kids but never had a chance to really connect with others. On her first day, my mom and took her to the kindergarten gate and when my sister saw the other kids she freaked out and said "mommy! Why are there BOYS here?" She refused to go in the school until everyone stopped looking at her. Needless to say, she thinks boys have cooties" - Melissa Greco

The 2nd place winner is....

My little girl had a great first day, she started a special needs preschool class and although she was nervous at first, she did fine. - brooklynandriahsmom

Please join me in congratulating Melissa Greco And brooknandriasmom in their win! Please come back in November for our Annual "What your Thankful For" Giveaway Contest!

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

1st Annual Back to School Giveaway: Over $100 in prizes!


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Hello My Lovelies,

I know that I have been absent the last couple of months.(Sorry!) The reason for my long departure was that I finally got accepted into a grad school program. I am officially on my way to getting my Masters in Teaching. So in honor of my new educational journey I decided to hold a Back-to-School giveaway!

  I’m excited to bring you a fun Back To School Giveaway Event starting today and going until the end of the September.          

1st Annual Back to School Giveaway: Over $100 in prizes! 

Step 1 If you have trouble with the link provided you can use this banner! Please click on it to sign up for free and confirm your email

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***For Bonus Points Tweet! Win a Back to School Supplies Box from @Crayola, enter to win @marthapreston4 #Back2SchoolThoughts http://www.thoughtsonlifeandmoney.com/2015/08/1st-annual-back-to-school-giveaway-over.html

When does it start?
NOW!! So go ahead and leave your story in the comment section below.The comment must be more than 150-200 words
-Please make sure you completed the first step and clicked and signed up for one of the free sites

When does the contest end?
I want you have enough time to enter your story and get the prize in time for school to start so the contest will end on  September 20th, 2015 at midnight

What do you win?
 When you win you will receive one or more Crayola Back to School Bundle Box up to 2 sets per family.

Crayola Third through Fifth Grade Supply Pack
  • Contains 3 portfolios, two 70 ct spiral notebook, 200 sheets of filler paper, facial tissue, 5 subject dividers, 2 black and 2 red pens and more
 I am feeling generous so the second place winner will get a prize as well.

So please go ahead and tell us about your little school student and enter to win a chance to show the world how much they mean to you! The contest has officially begun!

( Please leave your email that I can contact me if you win!)
 -Please make sure you completed the first step and clicked and signed up for one of the free sites

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Can you complete this 52 Week Money Saving Challenge?

Here's how it works on the first week you take out a dollar and put in savings each week you increase by a dollar till your putting $52 a week. If you can't do some weeks that's fine. The point is put as much in savings as you can!! Lets do this!!

Who wants to try this with me?? If you have any tips or words of motivation please do not hesitate to share with us.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

One Soldier's Independence Day: A Poem

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In a house this very day,
 A man holds his tears at bay,
He sees the things he shut away,
 Memories of another day,
 Outside the people play,
Enjoying this day,
They cook and eat,
While to music they tap their feet,
 In his house he sits and cries,
Remembering those who lost their lives,
He wishes he could see them,
To tell them how things have been,
 Darkness comes the children cheer,
They know what's coming near,
 Fireworks, lights and sounds galore,
 To him he hears the sounds of war,
He shutters with each and every sound,
The sounds outside are all around,
 He sees his friends killed again,
 He is in combat all over again,
 People smile the cheer and cry,
 At the lights that fill the sky,
Some look around to see,
 Their are many who they cannot see,
The time slowly passes,
People lease in slow moving masses,
He sits up from off the floor,
Suddenly a knock at the door,
 They ask why he did not go,
 He tells them he was at a show,
 His eyes are red and filled with pain,
They wonder if he is sane,
 He try's to explain another day,
They just say what the hay,
They think he is fooling,
That he should be drooling,
 He walks away,
Thinking of another day,
They tell him he needs to forget,
 He smiles filled with regret,
How do you forget,
 When you lived in fear,
 Not knowing if you would live,
 Not knowing if you would die,

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