Sunday, August 2, 2015

Can you complete this 52 Week Money Saving Challenge?
Here's how it works on the first week you take out a dollar and put in savings each week you increase by a dollar till your putting $52 a week. If you can't do some weeks that's fine. The point is put as much in savings as you can!! Lets do this!!

Who wants to try this with me?? If you have any tips or words of motivation please do not hesitate to share with us.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

One Soldier's Independence Day: A Poem
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In a house this very day,
 A man holds his tears at bay,
He sees the things he shut away,
 Memories of another day,
 Outside the people play,
Enjoying this day,
They cook and eat,
While to music they tap their feet,
 In his house he sits and cries,
Remembering those who lost their lives,
He wishes he could see them,
To tell them how things have been,
 Darkness comes the children cheer,
They know what's coming near,
 Fireworks, lights and sounds galore,
 To him he hears the sounds of war,
He shutters with each and every sound,
The sounds outside are all around,
 He sees his friends killed again,
 He is in combat all over again,
 People smile the cheer and cry,
 At the lights that fill the sky,
Some look around to see,
 Their are many who they cannot see,
The time slowly passes,
People lease in slow moving masses,
He sits up from off the floor,
Suddenly a knock at the door,
 They ask why he did not go,
 He tells them he was at a show,
 His eyes are red and filled with pain,
They wonder if he is sane,
 He try's to explain another day,
They just say what the hay,
They think he is fooling,
That he should be drooling,
 He walks away,
Thinking of another day,
They tell him he needs to forget,
 He smiles filled with regret,
How do you forget,
 When you lived in fear,
 Not knowing if you would live,
 Not knowing if you would die,

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Challenge: If you could ask a Parenting Expert anything what would it be?

Congrats everyone with your help we were finally able to choose a topic for May/June. In honor of  Mother's and Fathers day we will be getting advice for.....

Image result for parenting

I am not an expert but I am pretty good at finding those who are! 

**What would you like to ask parenting expert/mom or dad blogger ?

So tell me which experts you would love to hear from and your questions you want ask them.

 I will do my best to get them to answer your questions.

*I am not an expert but I am pretty good at finding those who are! So tell me who you would love to hear from and I will do my best to get them to answer your questions.
- See more at:
                                     Let Your Parenting Questions Begin! Go to the comment section below and ask the questions you want and I will share the best questions in the interview

Share your ideas for interview topics for August by going to the Penny For Your Thoughts Page!   I look forward to hearing your thoughts and your questions!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Penny For Your Thoughts: REinspired Décor
                                  Today's thoughts are brought to you by........REinspired Décor.
We’re Bev & Samantha from REinspired Décor.  We are a mother/daughter team who love to create fun and affordable furnishings and décor items by upcycling old, unwanted pieces. We like to think outside the box and inspire our readers to do the same! Coming soon we will be featuring a DIY series for furnishing and decorating a stylish first home on a budget.

What craft supplies should every DIY-er have on hand?

For the type of DIY that we do at REinspired Decor, some of the essential supplies and tools for us are: a hammer, screwdriver and drill with assorted bits, measuring tape, safety glasses and a mask, good paint brushes, paste wax, sand paper and even a palm sander.  Depending on the types of projects you’re going to do you may want some specialty items like a wood burning tool, stencils, stamps, etc.

What project are you working on right now?
With the good weather coming soon we want our deck to be summer-ready so we’re working on a few projects that will give it the feel of a tropical escape.  We want it to have Mediterranean style so that means bold, saturated colours like luscious orange, sunny yellow and ocean blue with a bit of white to keep it all calm and relaxed.  We all work hard so why shouldn’t every weekend feel like a getaway without having to leave home.  This series of posts with our sunny deck projects will be coming soon to our blog at REinspired Décor.

What creative idea have you done with a mason jar recently?

Mason jars are a DIYer/crafter’s staple item.  So much can be done with them and they seem to evoke feelings of nostalgia in just about everyone.  We like to use them as pretty lanterns on the patio table for summer evenings.  Place a smaller jar inside the mason jar then fill the space in between with glass pebbles.  Now all you need is a tea light in the smaller jar and you have beautiful ambient light.  If you had a lot of them it would make for a very magical night on the patio.

Thanks Samantha & Bev for sharing your insights with all of us. Please enjoy your virtualImage result for penny  may it bring you good fortune and luck. For all of Samantha & Bev's latest news and updates visit 
REinspired Décor.

This is the third interview in a DIY part series!

The Penny For Your Thoughts asks heroes, mentors, experts, and all around awesome people to share their knowledge, helpful tips, secrets, and more. Every other month we'll feature a new subject and interview based on your questions. Have someone you want to see featured, or questions you think we should ask? Email

If you have a suggestion for the interview topic for May then please share your thoughts at Ask Marty Anything

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