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Saturday, December 20, 2014

We Wish You A Happy Holidays: Share Your Favorite Post of th Year!


 Let the Christmas Eve sugar coma begin! My sister and I are having a sleepover on the living room floor next to the tree eating homemade cookies, pumpkin pie, and ice cream while watching Christmas specials. Life is good! I hope the same goes for you please remember

The holidays are here again! In order for me and my family to truly enjoy the holiday this will be the last post for awhile. But I wanted to leave you with something to think about while your eating holiday snacks! On my return I will be putting together a master post series on Top 100 Post of 2014. I know what some of my favorites were but that's not what is important here what is important is what YOU thought was the best post that I have written from the past year! So while you're busy opening presents, sipping on special eggnog, and debating family history please take a minute to think of and SHARE some of your favorite articles,debates,interviews from the past year. 

~~I cannot wait to hear what you guys think should make this list!!~~~

Which articles, interviews, debates or Top 10 list that I have written do you think have earned a spot on  Top 100 Post of 2014?” 
(If there are post from across the internet that you believe need to be on this list as well feel free to suggest them!)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Come Along Troopers and Join Me on A Treasure Hunt!


Hello my lovely money makers,

 Everyone knows that enjoy making extra pocket money online and helping you all earn along with me! I have tried many sites over the years some have worked wonderfully and some have had me running for the hills. Today I want to share a new,fun, and innovative "paid to click" like I have never seen before. Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you ....TreasureTrooper

To read the ultimate guide go HERE

1 Like most money making sites TreasureTrooper has:
Free offers
Surveys were you can share your opinions
Online shopping with cash back options
Watch short videos
Get Paid to Search the Internet
Cash Calls

Platinum coins can also be used at Mabutus Hut to buy Gift Cards, an iPod, and even an XBox360!

3 The gold coins can be used to uncover many of the secrets of the website but the most exciting feature of the gold coins is they can used to participate in The $100 Treasure Hunt.Once you buy 4 map pieces from Mabutu (40 gold coins total), you can begin your quest by clicking on the blue link below the map that reads "Go on Treasure Hunt. 

 I am 10 more coins away from completing the map and start my own treasure hunt 

4 These little pearls are given every time you complete an offer. If you get 8 or more of these pearls. You can purchase an "Pearl Bracelet" and with it the next 2 unreferred members to sign up will automatically become your referrals!

5   If you want to  participate in the dragon feature ( which is super fun!) you are going to need some Dragon Scales.These are like little virtual that you can feed, enter in cage fights, breed ,and sell!

  Collecting these Arrows can be one of the easiest thing to do on the sites! By themselves they have no value but 

7  This is a Vault Key that allows a person access several special offers


Once a day using one the gold coins you earn you will have a chance to try your luck with the Jungle Slot Machine! 

9. When you start taking care of your dragons your going to need some supplies which usually includes food, cave or nest for them to sleep in, and special dragon medicine, and more

10 Now that I told you all the wonderful I bet you want to share it with your friends and whats in it for you! ( I had to save the best part for last!)

http://www.treasuretrooper.com/770617http://www.treasuretrooper.com/770617 http://www.treasuretrooper.com/770617 http://www.treasuretrooper.com/770617</


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