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Friday, October 10, 2014

If you could ask a budgeting/ financial expert anything what would it be ?

Over the years I have learned many things and met many different people. Most of the lessons I have learned  comes from asking those around me questions. I have held blog experts hostage and gleaned thier greatest secrets! I danced with a Dragon in order to learn his ways. Now I want to learn the art of budgeting and financial planning. To do so I plan on holding an interview various bloggers and authors who are budgeting, frugal living, and financial planning experts.

I need your help!!! I have no idea what to ask during the interview so I thought maybe you would have questions of your own.

Question: If you could ask an expert in budgeting,personal finance, or frugal living three questions what would they be?

*** The best questions will be chosen and each person will get recoginition as well as thier blog/website!***

Who is your favorite budget/frugal living expert ? Who are you dying to here from ? Who do you wish I would interview? Share your nominations withnus all!!



Friday, October 3, 2014

Financial Friday


Is was brought my attention that I have talked about my money adventures in a while! Some days are more successful then other but I thought that over week or so I would like to give you a small glimpse into what I have accomplished that week so that you may be able follow my example and start earning extra money for yourself. 
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Fusion Cash 

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