Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Changes to FusionCash "Paid to Click"

Hey Everyone

The month is full of changes some good some bad and some that are in between.Unfortunately the FusionCash world is not immune to these changes.And thats what I am wanted to talk to you about today!

Effective July 15th, there will be a new prerequisite/requirement for completing the daily 15c Paid to Click.  The requirement is earning 5c or more in qualifying credits first.

What are qualifying credits?  Basically anything that isn't a bonus, and isn't the Daily Cash Email.  So you can meet the new 5c PTC requirement through tasks, videos, RadioLoyalty, searching on the toolbar, any survey, any offer, etc.  You can also mix and match (e.g. 1c from RadioLoyalty, 2c from a task, 2c from searching) to qualify. A lot of you are already doing this on your own, and for you, this shouldn't affect your daily routine too much.  For the rest, you'll have to earn a bit more to continue participating in the PTC.
You will only have to earn 5c in between each time you complete the PTC.  In this way, your daily routine need not change as long as you are earning at least 5c/day in qualifying regular credits.  This requirement will be in effect each and every day, from July 15th onward. 

One small sliver of good news is: at the same time, we'll also be reducing the time required on the PTC page from 3min to 2min30sec.

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