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How To Find Your Unique Blog Voice: Experts Tell Me Their Secrets

A few months ago I made a big decision to change the name and design of my blog in order to reflect the changes in my life and my growth as a blogger.I changed the name to Marty's Thoughts on Life and Money. Over time I realized that I talked a lot about money and not a lot about life and I wanted a way to incorporate that into my writing to more .... "me" into my blog .I realized that beyond the about me page my readers didn't know much about my life or personality . So I decided that I needed to  find a way to fix that. I wanted to find my voice within my writing in order to seperate my work from all of the other blogs on the internet today. I didnt have any idea how to start so I decided to do the logical thing... I asked . I used my facebook page, twitter, and email to ask every "expert" I knew how they did it. Surprisingly many of them answered in fact there answered in so much detail that I decided to turn them into a post. I knew that I was was not the only  person to ever ask this question and I will not be last.I hope we can all learn from the wisdom these blogger have to offer.

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   How do you make sure that your blog is unique 
  and shows your personality so it doesn't get lost  in the mass of every other blog out there?



Vinamra Kokane from six parallel lines


I'm sure if you've taken up blogging, you must have had some sort of idea before setting sail. I'd suggest you stick to that and write as much as you can.I guess that was easier said than done! Writing a post is not as easy as a walk in the park. The most difficult thing is getting ideas. From the little time that I have been blogging now, I've realized that the best ideas come when I don't think about them (blogging/writing articles). When something strikes my mind, I get to it immediately, if I'm free, or, I just jot down a brief summary of the idea on my phone so that I can write about it at a later time.

It doesn't matter if your write-up is totally crap in the beginning. As long as it's original and portrays YOUR views, it's good enough!

At this point, I feel I can write an entire article over here itself! But I guess I'll just stop here so that you can ponder over the stuff written above. If you need more help, I'll be more than obliged to help you out to the best of my capabilities. All the best and don't lose hope! :)


 Monika Hoyt from http://www.monikahoyt.com

 the way I've done it is ask myself, what questions are you grappling with this week, what books have you read or conversations you've had that are interesting? Whatever is on your mind as a topic, no matter if you think anyone else will like it, take that as your starting point. That is inside-out authenticity!

Wade Harmon from make Bloggers Make Money

One thing that I like to do is to remember always where I came from.  I was the type of blogger that couldn't afford anything!  I could barely afford the hosting that my Wordpress site was on so buying anything from anyone was out and I had to try to find CHEAP or FREE things to do to promote my site with.

Blogging Pro's
This is the way I keep my personality noticed online.  People know that I'm a down to earth person and can ask me any type of question.  I keep the blogs voice fresh by showing people the cheapest (or Free), yet most effective ways to build a blog and promote it.  One thing that I don't do is push affiliate links down my readers throats.  The only time I do put an affiliate link is when I can not find another solution that's free for the reader.

I think this is a fresh voice in the mix of blogs out there because a lot of the blogs you see are always wanting to make money from their readers...and while I still push to make money, the reader comes first with me.  This in turn creates trust, which in turn creates sales later.

Justin  Germino from  DragonBlogger

Justin Germino

I remember that there are hundreds of sites if not thousands out there that write about the same thing, when it comes to technology products specs can only be re-spun a certain number of ways, so I focus on the editorial and opinions component of writing about technology. After all, you can read Samsung Galaxy S4 specs from their website directly you don't need 1,000 separate blogs writing the same specs, but you will want a bloggers opinion on the specs, how he or she thinks it will make the phone more or less valuable to them. Blogging is about sharing opinions, feedback and commentary not bland information, I embrace the aspects of blogging that also separate it from journalism which should only report the facts and not add any opinion or commentary. My motto is to always be informational, educational or entertaining and often personality comes out when you write from the heart, show your emotions and LOVE or HATE in ways readers will remember. Be flamboyant, be irate, be remembered. As a blogger you are an online personality and you need to have and develop one. Just remember the key rule, always be authentic, honest and trustworthy. Use your personality but never embrace the fake or phoniness as once it is seen through you will lose credibility and trust with your audience. 


Gabe Johansson from GabeJohansson.com

Gabe Johansson the only thing I can think of is to just consistently share your message and people will learn to know you for it. I've crafted myself as a resource for list building/email marketing over time.

Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips

Keep commenting on other blogs and you will begin to develop your own "personality". Take a stand on issues without offending people. Then you can come back to your blog and post your point of view.


Jessica Dye from The Wondering Brain

Thanks for thinking of me! I always try to be myself when blogging. One way is the name of the blog. I try to make sure it matched who I was and at the same time it's intriguing enough for people to click onto it - thus The Wondering Brain. I also wanted the look of my blog to match me too. Right now, my background is bamboo. I'm Asian and bamboos are considered lucky, especially when you give it to someone as a gift. It's my way of giving myself as a gift through writing whatever comes to mind. 
As for my writing content, I stick with what I know - which is my life. Through that, I express myself with how I would normally convey with others. A lot of my writing will always have some emotion connected to it. It's a commonality in what everyone has, emotion. If I can pull off emotion through my writing, then I know I did my job and hopefully I hooked my readers to come back for more! 

I learned a lot from these guys over the last couple days.Most importantly the best thing I could do for my blog is to not be afraid to be myself whoever that may be.I also know that there are several ways that people make their blogs unique.So I am going to ask you the same question I asked everyone else! 

How do you make sure that your blog is unique 
  and shows your personality so it doesn't get lost  in the mass of every other blog out there?

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  1. Thank you so much for including my thoughts in your post! I'll surely spread the word about your blog :-) kudos and keep it up!

  2. I shared this post on twitter, on my 3 FB accounts, google + and I even shared it on Love All BLogs, whew! It's a tough job showing a fellow blogger and new friend some blog love<3 Awesome post, I am so proud of you :)

    1. wow thats alot of sharing thanks so much I will return the favor on a post of your choice

  3. Hi,
    This was an excellent idea. I'm kind of doing the same thing with recognizing good plr shop owners.

    I liked hearing other people's thoughts and ideas.

    Thanks for the great post.
    Geri Richmond


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