Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tricks to Build a Blog From Scratch: Part 1 Research

Hello My Darlings,

               As you may have noticed the blog has gotten a much needed makeover.It has a shiny new name and snazzy design that should make it easier for you read and enjoy the fun things I share with you.And even though the site looks clean and easy to use (or at least I hope so!) getting to this point was by no means easy but it was worth it.When I started my first blog "Welcome to the FusionCash Family" back in early 2012  I have to admit I had no idea what I was doing .Or how much hard work running a blog really was. But I had passion and determination on my side and I was up for the challenge.
              Even though my first blog was relatively successful and I learned a lot about blogging and myself  I wanted to start this new blog off right! So I rolled up my sleeves and busted open the books my computer and got to work.I learned a lot about writing,social networking, blog dynamics and making money the right way. I strongly believe that knowledge is useless it is shared with others.So over the next weeks I will be sharing with you everything I learned about starting a new blog.Today we will be talking about the importance of research.
I know that when I say the word research that it sounds like a daunting task.But I promise its not.In fact starting a new blog boils down to two basics questions.

What does my audience want from me?

Every blog no matter what its about has a basic audience.This can be anyone from expecting mothers to college students.As long as they are paying attention to your writing they can be considered part of your blog community.When you first start blogging it takes time to figure out who exactly you are writing for but when you do your writing become clearer and more focused.It also becomes easier to find out what they want because you can just ask them! And that's what I did.I gave my readers an opportunity to share their opinions on the new title and future post topics.This can be fun and makes them feel like they are so how contributing to what they are reading.If you don't have an established audience in place don't panic. You can always go online and find out what your peers are talking about. Every niche these days has a online forum/community where you look to see what questions  people are asking and get an idea of the problems they face.Then once you have gathered this info than all you have to work on solving their problems or answering their questions.If you do this right they will keep coming back for more.

What has made a blog successful in past? 

This one is a little harder because like many things in life success is relative.For me the best way to learn is find someone who has done it all before.So that's what I did . I found several blogs about affiliate marketing,blogging,and make money in general and read everything I could get my hands on.And when I couldn't find the information I did the only thing I could think  of. I asked for help!

I want to give a special shout to these 4 bloggers whose information helped me make the blog I have today. They shared their knowledge,answered all my annoying questions,and where cheerleaders when I needed it the most. If you are looking to make a new blog then these are some of the best places to go for info.In no particular order....

Social Media List Building
Gabe Johansson from http://gabejohansson.com/
 He taught me a lot about site design,layout,and web hosting.
Thanks for the kind words,advice,and cheer leading when I needed it the most

Ileane Smith from Basic Blog Tips
This blog has everything a beginning blogging needs to know!

Justin Germino from DragonBlogger
His blog is just awesome its full of info on the latest technology and creative ways to make money online.
Special thanks to Justin for taking the time to answer all of my very annoying questions.He even took time after my site was complete to go over it with me to help make it better.Thank a lot!

Darren Rowse from Problogger
This is what I call the encyclopedia of blogging .Anything you want to he has it on his blog.Its amazing every should check this out.

Wade Harmon from Blogger Make Money
This man is a ninja when it comes to social media and connecting with the blog community!

Tag Your It
So that it these are the resources I used for research .I hope you find the info helpful as I did.I know there are many different ways to start a blog so please feel free to share with us what sites you used to start your website. I am always look forward to learning something new!
Comment below for your chance to win my Weekly Top 5 Commentators Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway!! .  Every time you share your thoughts it increases your chances!

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