Monday, March 25, 2013

Martys Virtual Easter Egg Hunt



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 Hello My Lovelies,
Easter is just around the corner and I thought we would celebrate with a virtual Easter egg hunt!
To enter the competition find all the 20 eggs I have hidden through out the blog starting  today up until  April 5th . Find the picture of the egg  each day and take a note of what page they were on and title of the article it was in.. At the end of the 10 days please email me your twenty egg locations.

                                      You can reach me at  marthapreston888@yahoo.com

examples of eggs

Okay to review there are 20 eggs scattered all over the blog which are just waiting to be found . The eggs   will remain live on the blog, so there’s no need to worry if you miss one day – you can look at clues from previous blog articles.Please free to comment on or share the post you see along the way!

*** I will be leaving hints daily on twitter and on my Facebook page to help you along the way just for the hash tag #MartysEasterHunt 

 Hint#1 Have you ever danced with a dragon I have!
Hint#2 One of the eggs is nestled in a giant top 10 list can you find it
Hint#3 Do you love answering questions 
Hint#4 If you were new my blog this the perfect place to start


~ The first person to email me proving that they found the first egg will get a whole post written by me summarizing to their blog with a link to go with it!

~In order to keep everyone competing till the very end I will I be picking a winner randomly.They will win a

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