Thursday, February 14, 2013

Top 7 Ways to Qualify for Every Online Survey You Take

No matter what "get paid to" program you join online surveys are bound to part of the package.Or at least I hope so! However many people including myslef run into a common problem...qualifying. Qualifying or being eligible to participate due to the companies demographic needs for a surveys sounds easier than it is and 50% of the time we fail.But today I hope to change that with a few helpful hints!

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1.Go to the toolbar and go the tools tab drop tab and  the clear  your cache/recent history

2. I have found that more surveys qualify later in the day.So if you wait till 10:00pm-12:00pm you will increase your chances

3.Refresh the page

4.Never give up.Qualifying isn't easy.If you do not qualify for the first time its okay move on to the next survey and try again .Remember try them all

5.Make sure you delete all cookies

6.Remember to a run virus cleaner before you start

7.When asked do you or anyone in your family/household work in [they will provide a list] click the option none of the above.This will leave open for every survey.

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Do you any questions about surveys? Do you have any tips that you would like to share with the rest of us?

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