Friday, December 21, 2012

So the world didn't end,does that mean I still have to clean my room?

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I awoke early this morning okay maybe not early but when I noticed something.I was still breathing.The birds where still chirping and my house was still a mess.And since the world didn't end I guess I will have to clean it.But I digress for years many conspiracy theorist people have believed that the world will end on December 21,2012. This belief started because the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar 

 otherwise known as the Mayan Calender ends on this date.
            Unfortunately many believe the world will end with it.There are three main points of view to what kind of ending this actually is.
-The scientific version of this ending involves the earth enter its next solar maximum which basically means the planet and a huge black hole at the center of the universe 
-Many Spiritualist see this as the end of an age and the beginning of another lead to a rebirth of consciousnesses and spiritual awakening
 The Final Days
-Over the years many historians and scientist have disproved a lot of these theories
Mayan 2012

2012 FAQ

In my life I had the misfortune (kidding) to meet people on both on this theory but I guess after today  our days of wondering are over.So the apocalypse never came which means all the chores I have been avoiding still need to be done. Oh well I guess I will go and clean my room and hope the spiritualist were right and we are all headed for a brighter tomorrow.

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  1. Nice post, Martha! Anyone who knows the Bible, knows the Mayans were wrong! (Matthew 24)

    Merry Christmas, Martha!! =)

  2. The Mayans never said "the world" would end; that's the funny part!


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